OO History about the brand

Design, creation and art are prototypical icons of Italian idiosyncrasy. Bologna, the birthplace of the world’s oldest university, has been a clear model for this innovative talent. Antonio Ben Chimol was born in the city. He is a designer by profession and creative by nature.

As a very young man he decided to drop out of higher education (he studied dental mechanics) and leave his native land in 1987 to embark on one of his great adventures, taking sailing boats across the Atlantic. Later on, he spent his time in Rome and Sardinia, the island he lived in for almost 6 years as one of the owners of “Tropico Mediterraneo”, a Costa Smeralda club that was revolutionary in its artistic endeavours. As a side project, he made wooden sculptures for VIP homes in the area. He admits that this mix of experiences was what allowed him to discover his artistic and entrepreneurial sides, which gave him a new creative direction in his life.

He worked in Paris for a long period during this new stage. There he started to develop his designs, which were showcased in select boutiques in the French capital. It was in 2003 that he decided to move to Barcelona, drawn by its Mediterranean atmosphere, its architecture and the opportunity to learn a new language.

Through perseverance and his connections with the worlds of fashion and design doors began to open for his company in the Catalan capital. It was from there that the brand named after him, Antonio Ben Chimol OO, became established in Europe, conquering first the German market and then England, Denmark and the Netherlands. His creations are now being successfully distributed in countries such as Australia, Turkey and part of Asia.

In 2011, his designs were included among Audi-brand accessories in Germany and he is currently working on promotional projects with Volkswagen and Porsche in Turkey.

In 2016 the new management takes as a target to raise the position of the mark, extending the international market in which there is already recognized, as for quality, exclusivity of the product and service to the client.

OO Concept

His designs have a very individual character, reflecting his passion for nature that surrounds us and his curiosity about high-tech products and even aeronautical precision. He adapts these in terms of functionality, strength, beauty and quality. “Perfection is not a matter of size,” he says. He has been a global pioneer in putting magnets in his jewellery, making the items easy to use and highly original.

He is very demanding in selecting materials for his collections, using leather textures, metals, minerals and plastic of the very highest quality. He makes dynamic use of stainless steel, producing an exceptional finish on each bracelet. Another innovative concept he uses is pulverising glass, porcelain, metals and minerals to create unique textures and colours. Versatile, sensitive, elegant and affordable pieces for men and women of all styles. This is “art to wear”.

OO Products

Designs for Men and Women, each collection hides a secret within; Rainbow (the seven colours) , Stardust (The most brilliant stars of the sky), Bullet (Shape of bullet) , Masai (Tribu) ,  Sea urchin, Samarkand (The city of silk) , Politician (with two faces), Blacksheep, Watashi wa saikoda (I’m the best), and more… Discover Antonio Ben Chimol’s world of shape and colour given form with unique, exquisite taste.

All of his products are hypoallergenic, environmentally-friendly and patented as a guarantee of their originality. All “OO” products should be treated like jewels and kept away from water, scents and heat sources to preserve their beauty intact.





Fiberglass Manikin in fibre glass covered with strips of leather. Handmade by Antonio Ben Chimol 00

Set of seven Cufflinks in Aluminum, display system with magnetic levitation, patented by Antonio Ben Chimol OO.